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We declare a New Conscious Internet

In line with FreeFlow Nation's vision we are building a framework for a better way forward for our planet by reducing dependencies on flawed and biased centralized systems putting people back in control of their lives.


Equal Chances

Everyone can deliver services or products to everyone in all transparency and fairness. Everyone can charge fair costs in relation to their added value. Information should never be created to deceive people. Information must be fact-based and transparent empowering people equally.

Safe Environment

Health and safety are human rights. Everyone deserves equal access to affordable education, healthcare, financial systems, and Internet across geographical and cultural borders. The power lies in collaboration. It is our responsibility to produce high quality and sustainable products and services.

No Manipulation

Every digital citizen must have sole ownership of their created information and content. An author’s identity should always be verifiable unless an author wants to be anonymous. Everyone must have absolute freedom to decide what they want to share, and with whom they want to share it.


If not Us, Who? If not Now, When?

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