Every child deserves an education. We have built a community of thousands of teachers globally which allows us to connect to children and teachers in refugee camps. Our platform allows to train teachers in refugee camps (67% of which haven't completed secondary education) and have interactions between refugee students and students globally changing their mindset and fighting polarization.


EarthProject aims to develop a platform for peer-to-peer education, where teachers become students and students become teachers.


We want to raise the bar of education by having experts to teach the students and by initiating teacher training with help of technology. For years we have been working to bring positive and needed change to the education system and this is another step forward. A peer-to-peer education system opens up the possibilities for learning and positive solutions for our world. Additionally we will be able to set up global projects to tackle climate change and other issues allowing students to connect, brainstorm, create, share, solve problems and take action.

Powered by ThreeFold

Our peer-to-peer platform will be run on the ThreeFold Grid and will utilize elements of Crystal Universe technology. Crystal Meet solution will be used to allow teachers to teach refugees. We have already been doing this for five years with and thanks to the ThreeFold we will be able to allow people globally to connect and learn from peers including refugees and people living in harsh conditions.

Join saving our planet!

Every child deserves an education. Inspire change. Take action. Join us making the planet a better place by fighting polarization and giving everyone in the world a quality education.

Support this project

EarthProject is included in ThreeFold’s Token Distribution Event (TDE) for the impact it brings to our planet, humanity and the ThreeFold Grid. The ThreeFold Token (TFT) represents a unit of capacity on the new Internet and is created only when new capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid. Each project on the TDE benefits from TFT fund allocations. You can buy TFT's and support EarthProject, and the growth of a new Conscious Internet.

TFGrid Solution


  • Q4 2020

    • Platform launch with focus on refugees
  • Q4 2021

    • Platform extension with focus on climate change