Threefold Tech


ThreeFold Tech is a company based on 15+ years of tech experience. (Established in Belgium.) Their Autonomous IT technology is positioned to disrupt IT infrastructure across sectors – internet, banking, telco, etc.

ThreeFold Technology empowers a grid of IT capacity, which today is 10x bigger than all other blockchain players combined. More than $15MM USD has been spent creating this technology.


Create a decentralized peer-to-peer system inspired by nature.


  • Better security
  • More uptime
  • Greater effeciencies
  • Endles scalability

Powered by ThreeFold

ThreeFold Foundation is focused on democratizing internet compute and storage capacity to enable a responsible internet for all. This is the primary reference of ThreeFold Tech. TFTech software empowers people to create neutral, green and private capacity across the globe that’s blockchain-driven and 100% decentralized. This “hyper-distributed” network enables developers from all over the world to bring to life decentralized applications and solutions, and digital service/application providers to host their applications closer to end users.

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